Product User Manuals

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Current Controllers User Manuals – 

Rainbird ESP ME-3
Rainbird WIFI Chip
Rainbird ESP-ME Modular Controller Manual  
Rainbird ESP-LXME Modular Controller Manual
Rainbird ESP-LXD  2-Wire Decoder Platform Controller Manual  
Hunter ACC 2-Wire Decoder Platform Controller Manual
Hunter ACC Controller User Manual
Hunter I-Core User Manual
Hunter Pro-C Controller Manual
Toro TMC 424 Controller User Guide
Toro TMC 212 Users Guide < Aka Greenkeeper>

Sprinklers,  Nozzles & Electric Valves Manuals

Hunter MP Rotator Nozzle Manual
Hunter PGP Rotor Manual
Hunter PGV Electric Valve Manual
Hunter SRV – HPV Electric Valve Manual
Hunter ICV Valves Manual

Rainbird 1800 Series Spray Head Nozzle Manual
Rainbird 3500 Rotor Series User Manual
Rainbird 5004 Plus Series Rotor User Manual
Rainbird 6504 Falcon Sports Field Rotor Manual
Rainbird DVF Electric Valve Manual
Rainbird PGA Electric Valve Manual

Toro Super 600 Rotor Service Manual 
Toro Super 700 Rotor Service Manual
Toro Super 800 Rotor aka (K – Rain Pro Plus) Manual 

Rain Sensor Manuals  /   Wireless & Hard Wired 
Hunter Mini Clik Rain Sensor    Our Standard Hard Wired Type
Hunter Rain Clik Rain Sensor    Wireless Type
Hunter Solar Sync Sensor 
Irritol RS1000 Rain Sensor
 Our Standard Wireless Type

Older Irrigation Controllers No Longer In Production 

Hunter ICC Controller User Manual

Rainbird ESP-M  Modular Controller Manual
Rainbird ESP-LX Plus Manual
Rainbird ESP 4, 6 or 8 Controller Manual
Rainbird ESP-SMT Smart Controller Old Style
Rainbird RC Series Electro-Mechanical
Rainbird EZ-1 Controller Manual

Toro Custom Command Controller Manual
Toro Custom II Series Controller Manual
Toro Greenkeeper Owners Manual
Toro IC Series Controller Manual
Toro Vision I Owners Manual
Toro Vision II Owners Manual
Toro Vision II Plus Owners Manual
Toro XF416 Controller User Manual

Weathermatic – Smartline Manual
WeatherMatic – WeatherMate Controller Manual

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