Choosing a Contractor

Choosing An Irrigation Contractor – Questions To Ask

The success of your irrigation system depends largely on the contractor you choose to
install it. A contractor’s expertise and specialized skills are crucial in determining your
systems efficiency and long term reliability. In fact, how your system is designed and
installed will make the difference between a system that is reliable and keeps your lawn
green and healthy, or one that is troublesome, wastes water and leaves your lawn looking
brown and unhealthy. Above all, you should choose a contractor who you can trust
and whom you feel comfortable.

To ensure that you hire a reputable irrigation contractor capable of designing, installing and
maintaining a high quality system, ask the following questions:

**Mandatory Irrigation Contractors License**

NC State Law Mandates Effective June 30th 2009
According to the enacted law, no person shall engage
in the practice of irrigation construction or contracting, use the
designation ‘irrigation contractor’,  or advertise using any title or
description that implies as an irrigation contractor unless the
person is licensed as an irrigation contractor by the board.

Koster Irrigation Is a NC Licensed Irrigation Contractor #C-478
Koster Irrigation Is a NC Licensed Plumbing Contractor #32636

Does Your Contractor Have A Minimum Of 10 Years Experience?

Only by hiring a contractor with a large base of experience can you be confident that
your irrigation system will be designed and installed properly. An inexperienced
contractor may not fully understand the parameters of the job and may not be
available for future service and warranty issues.

We have been in business Since 1994 Designing, Installing and Servicing Residential
and Commercial Irrigation Systems.

Does the Contractor Have Appropriate Insurance & Bonding?

Your contractor should carry adequate Liability and Workman’s Compensation
insurance in the unlikely event of an accident. You should request proof of insurance
demonstrating that your contractor is fully insured for all operations on your property.
Koster Irrigation, Inc. has always carried a $1,000,000 General Liability policy, &
Worker’s Compensation on every employee, and Auto Insurance on every vehicle.

Koster Irrigation, Inc is bonded with BB&T Insurance Services Of Raleigh. Bonding
is a NC Irrigation Contractors License requirement, with a minimum of $10,000.00.

Click Here For Certificate Of Insurance

Does The Contractor Offer A Warranty Period?

At a minimum, your contractor should provide a written, one-year warranty on parts
and labor.

Koster Irrigation’s Warranties Include:

  • Two year guarantee on all parts and labor
  • Five year guarantee on sprinkler heads against rotary failure

Can the contractor provide a list of references?

Client references are often the best indicators of the contractor’s work.  At your request, a contractor should provide you with the names and telephone numbers of references to call.  These property owners can attest to their satisfaction with the contractor’s work. Koster Irrigation will proudly provide you with references upon request.

Is a rain sensor included in the contractor’s estimate?

Rain sensors are designed to shut off the irrigation system when a specific amount of
rainfall has occurred.  These devices conserve water, save you money on utility bills, and
prevent unnecessary wear on your sprinkler system.  Koster Irrigation includes the
installation of a rain sensor with all systems.    We are constantly amazed as to how
many irrigation installers forget this item.   Having a sensor installed is also a part of the NC Irrigation Contractors Minimum Standards Requirements!

Is your contractor certified to test backflow preventers?

Backflow preventer devices are required on all city water irrigation systems to protect potable water from contaminants.  Proper certification is required by law to Install, Maintain and Recertify these devices.

Koster Irrigation is certified to install and test in the following cities;  Raleigh, Durham, Wilson, Rocky Mount, Greenville, Goldsboro, Apex, Garner and Clayton. Residential backflow devices are normally due every other year, and commercial devices are due for inspection annually.

Does the contractor use waterproof wire connections and the proper valve

Some of the most common electrical problems in an irrigation system are caused by faulty
wiring. Special watertight connections are necessary to guard against short circuits and
prevent corrosion.  Control valves should always be enclosed in heavy duty valve boxes that allow for
future inspection and maintenance.  There are a surprising amount of contractors
that overlook this important step!

Koster Irrigation always uses heavy-duty, 3M Grease filled splice kits to safeguard the
underground electrical connections,  Not cheap wire nuts.  We always install valves in large protective boxes that provide easy access.

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